WOW MOMS World opens in Mineola

Mineola, NY – A groundbreaking new community wellness concept is making its way to Long Island, courtesy of local mom-turned-entrepreneur Natalie Economou; this all-encompassing facility will be the first US franchise location of the dynamic Canadian brand. WowMoms’ innovative approach blends fitness, wellness, and self-care for the whole family, taking a multidimensional approach to provide everything the modern family needs under one roof.
WowMoms seeks to encourage family time by creating a community-oriented space where children of all ages can learn, engage, and explore through free play, activities, and instruction. Rather than force a busy parent to choose between “self-care” or “kid-care,” WowMoms instead creates the opportunity for parents and children to exercise together with guided instruction catering to all ages and fitness levels. Adults looking to supplement their fitness routine with more individualized instruction can opt for personal training services in addition to group fitness classes such as Boot Camp, Yoga, and Pilates, while their children remain in the same room. One especially unique offering for children is the proprietary “Motricite`” class developed by the WowMoms kinesiologist to promote fine and gross motor development in children ages 5 months to 4 years.
In addition to a state of the art group fitness studio, the 5500 square foot facility, located at 328 East Jericho Turnpike, will include an open play area featuring a selection of non-battery operated toys designed to encourage child-adult interaction and developmental learning; kid-friendly cafe featuring all-natural, healthy foods, smoothies, and beverages, and full espresso bar; basketball court; arts and crafts area; massage and aesthetics room; and retail boutique.​ ​WowMoms will also contain a baby spa featuring warm water, single-use baths designed specifically for infant floatation therapy, becoming one of the first and only places in the United States to offer this innovative and beneficial service.
Ms. Economou, a Long Island native who lives nearby with her husband and two children, has a background in the medical profession as an ultrasound technician, but was so inspired by the uniqueness of WowMoms that she felt compelled to bring the concept home for her fellow Long Islanders to enjoy. She says she is excited to operate what she sees as a fun, inclusive space for everyone, “whether it’s stopping in for a Daddy&Me class or meeting friends in the cafe for a coffee and a playdate, our goal is to provide a relaxing and supportive environment where caretakers, new parents, and families will find information, resources, and friends in the community.”
WowMomsMineolaiscelebratingitsgrandopeningonS​aturday,January5,2018,​andinvitesallmembers of the community to stop by to tour the facility, sample complimentary demo classes, and participate in a range of kid-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy. WowMoms will be open Monday-Sunday, and will offer use of the communal spaces with both daily and monthly membership passes. For more information, please visit the WowMoms website at